Geeny Test SecureSIM Germany
  • Geeny Test SecureSIM Germany

Geeny Test SecureSIM Germany

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Free test tariff

Security and trust are crucial for your IoT business. With Geeny SecureSIM - combined with the Geeny SecureGateway, available in either the AWS or Azure Marketplace - you connect your IoT devices with your cloud securely - carrier grade.

Test SecureConnect free of charge!

  • Up to 100 SIM cards
  • SIM card type: Triple SIM
  • Fee: 0,00 €
  • Shipping costs: 0,00€
  • Included data volume: 1,500 MB
  • Network coverage: Germany
  • Trial period: 3 months


The maximum order quantity for this article is 100.

  Privacy policy

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  Terms of delivery

You will receive your SIM cards by shipping service provider within a few days after ordering.

You get a SIM card which is able to communicate directly with your Geeny SecureGateway and has no connection to the internet unless you explicitly configure it in your cloud environment on your own. If you need access to the internet, the Geeny SecureSIM cards can optionally be delivered and used without the SecureGateway. You have the choice of three tariffs and three form factors.


  • Germany: usage possible within the o2 Telefónica Germany network

Form factors

  • Triple-SIM: standard SIM card combining the form factors 2FF, 3FF and 4FF for usage in almost any modem.

Tariff Germany:

  • 1,500 MB data volume included
  • 3 months trial period
  • 2G, 4G, 5G, NB-IoT, LTE-M supported
  • up to 75 MBit/s bandwidth